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Results @ Greenbank. Why would the Doctor request making an appointment after your blood/other tests?

Scheduling your results and booking follow up appointments.

After you attend these services results will be sent by mail to Greenbank. All results are forward to the GP who scheduled the investigation. The GP will then check the investigations reports and determine a course of action which will be most suitable for your treatment.

Patients may contact the practice to confirm if the practice has received the results. It is practice policy that specific nature of the investigation results are not discussed over the phone or sent by email.

Despite results being normal, the doctor will be discussing them with you and plan further action so please book your appointment accordingly.

It is your responsibility to book an appointment after your tests. This is to discuss further course of action based on the normal and abnormal results.

Results requiring Urgent Attention

In events where the investigation results or correspondence is clinically significant requiring urgent attention the doctor will attempt to contact you personally via our reception staff to discuss the best treatment options.

To ensure smooth working we contact our patients by text and email to let you know if you have not returned to discuss your results with the doctor.

It is your responsibility to please keep your mobile and email updated every time you check in at the front desk.


Thank You.

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