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Our Fees

Greenbank Doctors a $40 Gap will be charged for all patients with a medicare card

Private Billing Fees Not Covered by Medicare

Description (Not including GST): AUD $ Cost

Private Standard Consultation (Upto 10 minutes): $80.00
(No Medicare Card)

Private Long Consultation (Upto 20 minutes): $120.00
(No Medicare Card)

Private Extended Consultation (Upto 30 minutes): $160.00
(No Medicare Card)

Commercial Drivers License: $180.00

Heavy Vehicle Medical: $180.00

Speedway Medical: $110.00

E mails or Faxes Starts from: $15.00

Mirena Insertion: $175.00

Procedure Fee: $25.00

Tetanus injections: $15.00

Pathology or Radiology Report: $15.00

Pre-Employment Medical (Short) Starts from: $100.00

Pre-Employment Medical (Long) Starts from: $170.00

Brief Medical Report (1 Page): $100.00

Standard Medical Report Starts from: $200.00

Long Medical Report Starts from : $300.00